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6 01, 2022

Champagne 101 – The Basics

By |2022-01-06T01:02:33+00:00January 6, 2022|Champagne, wine|0 Comments

Champagne, defined by the Oxford Dictionary, means a French sparkling white wine. Champagne defined by the world is a symbol of celebration. We find Champagne in the hands of our loved ones on New Year’s Eve, at college graduations, anniversaries, birthdays and other holidays. Champagne initiates the toast, [...]

16 10, 2021

Waiters! Be Minimalists.

By |2021-10-17T05:23:49+00:00October 16, 2021|service|0 Comments

When serving people, being a minimalist is essential. Every restaurant has different set ups. Some are minimal with just a fork, a knife and a water glass, while others may have two or three forks, knives, spoons, and a plethora of glasses. My first tip would be to [...]

7 09, 2021

In the weeds? Keep focused!

By |2021-10-17T04:25:38+00:00September 7, 2021|wine|0 Comments

We have all been “in the weeds,” meaning overly busy in restaurant lingo. These are the times when a lot of guests show up at the door at the same time, during your restaurant’s busiest hours, and you end up being double or triple seated. The front door just [...]

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